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Beach Break Festivals


We can help you managing and producing your festivals.

Contact us and share your idea with us.


Identity and Creation

Custom Concepts strengthening brands, products and festivals.


Project Management

Making your festival succeed taking into account your special needs.

Production Management

We will make all the small details happen and drive your festival towards success.

Marketing Management

Strategic Marketing and Public Relations.

Sponsorship Management

The best way to finance your event is a two way process.

Communication and Set Design

Spaces atmosphere with signage and scenography projects, using performative and interactive elements.

Commercial Logistics

Fundraising, sponsorship, sale of brand activations, food & beverage, among others.


Reception and Accreditation

Accreditation, certificate printing, ticketing, financial management and reception in general

Artistic direction and Stage management

Negotiation, contracting and logistics of artistic projects and stage management.

Waste Management

Organic waste management, organic non-recyclable, non-recyclable inorganic, rubble and toilets.


Communications management, logistics, security and safety

Creation of communication systems, logistics, security and safety processes.

Financial Management

Business Plan and economical and financial viability analysis.

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