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Señor Pelota



Do it yourself. It could have been the motto for Señor Pelota. Back in 1998, he started organizing raves, more or less legally. When you want it so bad, and music is what moves you, that's the only way to do it.

He was responsible for the programming of Lisbon venues such as Hotel Myriad Sana, Marriott Lisboa, Corpo Santo, Soul Garden by Corinthia, Mood and Velvet in Bairro Alto, and nowadays he keeps the night "Mutante" in Lounge famous small club in Lisbon for more than 8 years, which is also a radio show on Antena 3 Dance.

Vinyl addict, owner of an impressive collection that has no boundaries and truly eclectic, from House to Techno, from Funk to Disco to Kraut.

Reason to have left his mark all around the country in clubs such as the Lux, Gare, Ministerium, Music Box or Plan B, to the most esteemed national festivals like Boom Festival, Creamfileds, Brunch Electronic, Super Bock Super Rock, Sudoeste, or Milhões de Festa to name a few. Amsterdam, Rio de Janeiro, Cabo Verde, Berlim, Barcelona, Madrid and Goa have also seen him in action.

As BRUTUS with Rui Estêvão got out his first release in Op Amp compilation.

For some time was responsable for Bloop Vinyl Shop and one of the front man of Frenzy active label and party promoter in Portugal.

Now prepering is own upcoming label (vinyl only) and party OITO OITO with his partner, the artist Dupplo.

Expect nothing and everything from him: music is music.

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