Selecta Alice



Music and oxygen have, for her, the same vital importance. Songs and records always inhabitated her life. Sharing music was always one of her communication tools. Firstly, the piano, since her childhood, after, the radio at 16 years old, and afterwards the first expontaneous incursions at the art of playing the right record at the right moment. Without plan or premade path. Passions take use without warning and, even though she never thought about being a Dj, Selecta Alice is, nowadays, one of the world music boosters, in a dj set format, in Portugal. Curator of the Sacred Fire Stage at Boom Festival, Selecta Alice honors the festivity culture and life celebration through music and dance rituals. African, Latin America, Balkans and Índia rhythms are mandatory stops at her sound trips around the world. Worldbeat - world music in pure state or in fusion with electronic language, shared in life sets or at monthly shows at Rádio Groovalizacion and Rádio Quântica. 

WORLD BEAT : Afro / Afrobeat / Cumbia / Digital Cumbia / Latinbeat / Bhangra / Reggae / Dub / BalcanBeat / BigBeat  World Music ...  

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