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Rubi Machado

Mozambique / Portugal


"Rubi Machado reveals the mysteries of Bollywood’s melodious magic"

Portuguese with Goan roots, was born in Mozambique, where she spent part of her childhood. Rubi Machado has been living in Portugal since 1979. She is a professional singer in Hindi, Gujarati, Konkani and Portuguese for more than 30 years.

Accompanied by "world musicians", she brings classical songs made famous by Bollywood, India’s major film industry, in a surprisingly refreshing and contemporary way, thanks to her eclectic musical group:

- Baltazar Molina (Arab Percussion - Portugal) 

- Danilo Lopes (Electric Guitar - Cabo Verde) 

- Francesco Valente (Bass - Italy)

- Niraj Singh (Tabla - India) 

- Ricardo Quinteira (Classical Guitar and Cuban Tres - Angola)

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