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Rosa Mimosa y Sus Mariposas



Back in 2016 Rosa Mimosa y sus Mariposas was the result of a cultural exchange that occurred between several musicians that had different roots but who met in one place: Lisboa, under one big and uniting word: Cumbia.

Angola, Argentina, Colombia, Italy, Spain, Uruguai and Portugal are the nationalities that form this big-band, with a 5 member horn section, electric guitar, accordion, drums, percussion & bass, as well as two lead voices.

They've been delivering not only the classics of this fresh genre in PT, but also revealing the result of the cultural diversity in their city. They flooded their sound with various styles such as Salsa, Afrobeat, Baiao, Merengue and Dub, creating a fusion that is itself their own style. 

They’ve toured through the main cities and principal stages of the Portuguese musical scene, from which we can highlight BOOM FESTIVAL, and are now recording their first album.

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