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Tahina Rahary Malagasy Roots

Madagascar / Portugal

Tahina Rahary Malagasy Roots is a Portuguese Ethnic-Jazz band with a strong inspiration from the roots of folk music from Madagascar (Tahina’s homeland) and Portugal.


Tahina Rahary is the composer and leader of this group. In the virtuosity of his guitar we can hear the influences from all over the world and all the cultures that have shaped him, resulting in a never-ending source of multi- ethnical musical ideas.

The project emerges from Tahina’s need to highlight the varieties of influences acquired throughout his musical activity, both in music writing and his guitar technique.

It took some years of experimentation, study, research and all the persistence to get the desired results.

And it all comes together in the form of the Malagasy Roots, which in its deepest essence aims to merge all the ingredients of many musical styles - having Malagasy music and its peculiar rhythm and melodies as the fundamental basis, going through Portuguese music and Jazz, which is one of the main influences on Tahina training as a musician. 

The musical compositions are the logical result of this mixing of styles, and every piece and musical intention reflect the coexistence of these influences in a fusion of different specific cultures. 

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