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Lucía Echagüe

Argentina / Portugal


Lucía Echagüe is an artist of surprising versatility who always brings to her work the various musical influences collected from her childhood. She has an elegant and melodic voice, and found her place in music through the fusion of several musical styles.

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, this singer and songwriter lives in Lisbon since 2001. There, she developed her art playing with outstanding musicians from several countries. Among them, Victor Zamora (Cuba) and Ciro Cruz (Brazil). She recorded her first album “Todo Puede Ser” with them in Madrid, in 2010. The record included songs by Cuban songwriter Julio Fowler and was produced by José Ramón Mestre.

In the same year, her single ‘Enganchada a Ti’ was selected for the 2010 record of W Radio (Grupo Prisa) in Colombia.

In 2016, she launched her second album, ‘De Aire’. This was her debut as a songwriter, where she renewed her sound with a distinctive identity that combines elements of several rhythms from around the world, including Argentine folklore, flamenco, and jazz.

‘De Aire’ also includes the participation of the Angolan guitarist and producer Ricardo Quinteira.

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