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Federico Pascucci East Trio.jpg

Federico Pascucci East Trio

Italy / Bulgaria


TENOR SAXOPHONE, NEY - Federico Pascucci (Italy)

DOUBLE BASS - Mihail Ivanov (Bulgaria)
DRUMS - Riccardo Gambatesa (Italy)

EAST TRIO is a project by the jazz and balkan saxophone player Federico Pascucci, bringing to the creative jazz context the essence of Gypsy and folk music from the Balkans and Turkey.


A travel with the acoustic jazz saxophone trio through traditional melodies and original compositions, a meeting of improvised jazz music with the sounds of gajdas and zurnas echoed by the Malesevski mountains of Macedonia, together with the heritage of Ottoman Mevlevi mystic masters, evoked by the trio, strongly united into the common experience of creative western music.


The band features the Bulgarian double bass player Mihail Ivanov, born in a large family of Gypsy musicians, raised in Sofia and Amsterdam, a jazz player known in diverse European cities who works on Bulgarian music collaborating with Theodosii Spassov and Martin Lubenov. Riccardo Gambatesa is one of the most requested drummers in the new jazz Italian scene.

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