Federico Pascucci East Trio

Italy / Bulgaria


Federico Pascucci Saxophone 

Ney Mihail Ivanov Double Bass

Riccardo Gambatesa Drums

Federico Pascucci is a musician hailing from Italy, he has lived the jazz music experience through an intense activity of studies and concerts around Europe, based in the cities of Lisbon, Amsterdam and Rome. His artistic work is focusing on the research of eastern European traditional musical languages, resulting in the thesis "The saxophone in the Balkans", collaborations with Macedonian Gypsy bands Kocani Orkestar and Sercuk Orkestar and creation of projects as Errichetta Unerground (Italy) and Tugoslavic Orkestar (Portugal). 


The Federico Pascucci East Trio is the new acoustic challenge by the saxophone player, bringing to the creative jazz context the essences of Gypsy and folk music from the southern Balkans, from Macedonia to Trace. The band features Mihail Ivanov on double bass, Bulgarian player known through jazz music circuits Europe-wide, born and raised in Sofia, he collaborated with Theodosii Spassov, and Riccardo Gambatesa, one of the most requested drummers in the jazz Italian scene. A travel with a classic jazz saxophone trio through traditional melodies and original compositions, a meeting of improvised jazz music with the sounds of gajdas and zurnas echoed by the Malesevski mountains together with the heritage of Ottoman Mevlevi mystic masters, evoked by the trio, strongly united into the common experience of creative western music. 

Federico Pascucci East Trio presented at the Keep On Jazz and Beyond Festival in Thessaloniki (Greece 2017) a concert programme featuring the musicians of the Sercuk Orkestar from the city of Štip, Repubic of Macedonia:

“A classic saxophone trio meets with brass players from the Balkans to combine their centuries of traditions with new compositions of the rising star from Italy, Federico Pascucci.
A curious Italian jazz sazophonist travels through the landscapes of FYROM to study their musical forms, then returns home to write for the masters he learned from and create something completely new by reinventing the old.” 

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