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In the beginning, there was sound.

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Festival Cósmico Online

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About the Event

The Festival Cósmico (i.e., Cosmic Festival) is a summer festival, of music and arts, between the 22nd and the 27th of September 2020.

Festival Cósmico is an informal festival with limited brand access, out of the box, with several typologies of spectacles, with diversified offer and content, allowing the moment choice of preference. With a strong message, phylosophy and spirit, in a place that transmits an environement of coming back to home, offers alternative experiencies in a place that is not full of people, to all segments. It answers to the need of drinking beverages in an relaxed atmosphere, with feelings of belonging and connection that are propitious to selfknowledge, at low prices, in an event that gives the opportunity to stay in an intimate environment while sharing the experience with other people on the same settting, all with a wide musical diversification with dj's and bands. For it's first edition, it happens on the virtual cosmos, while celebrating properly in and physical setting is still a risk.

While Festival Cósmico appeals to participation with values as non-judgment, freedom and imediatism, in an temporary autonomous zone of social experimentation, it surrenders to the optics of the passive spectator.

Festival Cósmico pretends to be the last summer festival with an informal environment, with restricted brand access, out of the box and diversified. With a strong message, phylosophy and spirit, in a place that transmits the home environment, offers inummerous alternative experiences, on several areas, in a place that is not full of people, to all segments.

The values of the festival are: integrity, inclusion, transparency and environmental administration.

The Cosmic Festival is held to respond to the demand for meaning and authenticity on the part of present generations, trapped by the disenchantment of modernism and postmodernism, and by climate change. It aims to facilitate experiences, associated with transpersonal psychology, that contribute to the creation of meaning, resilience of mental health and improvement of well-being through the creation of a safe environment to welcome festival-goers from all segments in search of leisure, hedonistic, artistic, learning, personal development, sharing, healing, space, surprise, interactivity, communitas, collective effervescence, synchronicity, mystical, transcendent and transformational experiences. It aims to communicate, through representation, contestation and inversion of culture, a conscious message, at the political, social and environmental level, that can contribute to the sustainable transition of society, in the least painful way possible, in a fantasy, thematic, party, rituals, celebration, meditation, sacred, and debate environment.

Booking Policy:

Once the reservation is done, you will get a confirmation email with the event details.

We will send you a second email with the link and password when your payment is confirmed manually by our team.

Guest tickets are exclusive to their personal use, and must not be shared with a second party. Beach Break reserves the right to ban guests which share their ticket details with a second party. 

Check-in procedures:

The meeting link on Zoom will be open 30 minutes before the beginning of the event. 

Please bear with us at the waiting room while we confirm your check-in.

If there is any issue with your check-in procedure, please send us an email to mail@festivalcosmico.online.

Refund Policy:

Beach Break does not guarantee that ticket holders name may be changed after the customer registration.

Beach Break is not responsible for errors on any of the service providers used to stream the event. If an irreparable error occurs making the broadcast impossible, the event will be postponed to the closest date possible. In these extreme cases where the event will not be possible to be postponed, Beach Break refunds 100% of the ticket, excluding ticket fees.

Tickets are 100% refunded in case of event cancellation.

Beach Break is not responsible for last-minute artists replacements due to artist cancelations on a short notice. Beach Break reserves the right to transmit other venues acts in these cases. 

In case the event is not canceled ou postponed, tickets cannot be canceled once the link details, including password, are shared with the ticket holders.





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