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Espírito Nativo



Espirito Nativo was formed in Portugal, in the city of Lisbon. The line-up consists of six young highly qualified musicians, who share their passion for Ibero-American music, regardless of their individual origin, education or influences. The band stands out through its own and original sound, that results from the members’ direct knowledge of the Portuguese and Latin American musical reality.

Espirito Nativo is a combination of colourful threads, materials and various textures: from the wooden cajón from Peru and the drum from Argentina, on to the input of the Cuban tres with its Portuguese flavour and the Mexican voice, all comes together into one piece, that gives way to a delicious combination, in which the magical threads of the Afro-Peruvian musical heritage, as well as Flamenco, Portuguese music and Latin American folk music in general are present. A combination, to which each part contributes to enrich the final result.

The concert “Terra Mestiça (Mestizo Land)” is based on the CD with the same name and brings a wide diversity of Latin American musical styles. On this journey, through several Latin American texts and musical cultures, the Andean charango, the Cuban percussion, the Venezuelan cuatro, the Colombian gaita, the Bolivian quena, and the Peruvian quijada come along. The flute, the clarinet and the trumpet keep the pace with this cultural mixture within the group! This is one of the strong messages the group wants to share: the transfer of the intercultural experience to an artistic performance.

In this way, the dialogue between traditional Latin instruments and European instruments is linked by the geography of Latin American singing. A journey with the map of Latinity!

The repertoire consists of a careful selection of representative and even emblematic themes of the musical styles from Latin American countries, such as the Landó from Peru, the Zambas from Argentina, the Bullerengue from Colombia, the Polos and Joropos from Venezuela, but also the mixture of new arrangements.

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