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Danae Estrela

Cuba/Cape Verde

Danae was born in 1979 in Havana, Cuba and grew in Cape Verde. She went to Coimbra, Portugal, and in 2003 records her first album Condition of Madness with the musical direction of Pedro Renato, musician at the Belle Chase Hotel. The album is released in 2005 by Norte Sul - Valentim De Carvalho.

The press defines Danae "as one of the musical revelations of the year" and her album Condição de Louco is considered one of the best albums of 2005 by the musical magazine Blitz.

Her artistic career begins with the presentation of her first album with tours scheduled in Portugal.

In 2006, she starts in the cinema with the Lithuanian filmmaker Sharunas Bartas in Cannes, participating musically in the film "EASTERN DRIFT" cinema Berlin 2010.

In 2007, continuing her work, she gives a series of concerts in Cape Verde with local musicians and guests. On this occasion the election of a different format of spectacle leads her to demarcate her own unpredictable style.

In 2008, she participated in the Africa Today Gala at the Cine Tropical in Luanda, Angola.

In 2009, continuing her work of research, collection and elaboration of material for the recording of original phonograms, she records her second album, "Cafuca" with the formation of the band Danae & os Novos Crioulos. Formation composed by Danilo Lopes, Johannes Krieger and Raimund Engerlhardt.

In 2010, she presents the album Cafuca and stays on tour until 2014, performing in several festivals: SUDTIROL Jazz Festival, Italy; Dos Abrazos Galicia, Spain; Delta Tejo Lisbon, Portugal; Kriol Jazz Festival, Cape Verde.

Being a multidisciplinary artist, she was part of the jury of the African Film Festival FESTIM and the XV CINEMAECO Film Festival, collaborated with the city of Lisbon in the workshop "Festival Todos". She continued her concerts in 2016 and participated in the Atlantic Music Expo.

In 2017, she opened the festival Sines Músicas do Mundo "Ciclos Mundos" - Inatel.

Between 2018 and 2019, Danae continues her creative work, joining the musician João Mouro, performing several concerts and also participating in AME - Atlantic Music Expo in Cape Verde.

Thus, she begins the creative production of her third album, with several interviews for the international and Cape Verdean press and collaboration with the agency Insulada.

Between 2019 and 2020 she recorded his latest album of originals "Num Tempo Ki Ka Tem Tempo", by the Brazilian label Cendi Music and the participation of the musician and producer Marco Bosco, awarded with 2 Grammys.

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