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More than a band, Albaluna are a concept. Through a multidisciplinary fusion between music, poetry, and dance, inspired by the ancient cultures of the Silk Road, emerges the originality of this project. Albaluna employ their passion for the History of Civilizations as a starting point for a sustained struggle against prejudice and intolerance between cultures. The artistic dialogue expands around age-old conceptions and an unmasked modern approach. "A sextet which is musically at home anyplace in the world. They play yesterday's music and experiment through it the music of tomorrow." (Vogtland-Anzeiger | Germany | 2018)

Celebrating their tenth anniversary in 2020 and with four records in their discography, the band embraces an already vast national and international curriculum, having performed in many European countries, as well as in Morocco, India and China. 


The band creates soundscapes with instruments originally from the geographic areas corresponding to the vast arms of the ancient Silk Road; dance paints, through the colours of the garments; and poetry gives voice to the feelings and reflections of this myriad of cultures. 


The ambiance of this intense onstage act is fuelled by the band’s own creativity and unending energy, along with the profound intimacy and introspection offered by some more peaceful moments.

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