Albaluna are a Portuguese fusion band, originated in 2010. The group dedicates itself to musical, historical and cultural research and to the creation and arrangement of musical pieces. Mainly original, these are highly inspired by the cultural continuum which unites the peoples around the Mediterranean Sea and the three cultures that define the civilisational heritage of the Iberian Peninsula. 

The band presents a combination of many concepts and musical styles: Iberian traditional music blends with soundscapes coming from distant lands, such as the Balkans or the Middle East, not forgeting the African rhythms, North European folk, and progressive rock. 

Using as many antique instruments from various parts of the world as other modern instruments, the six musicians present an energetic show, full of distinct musical aromas. 

Between 2010 and the present year Albaluna have released three full-length albums and two EPs: D’Antes (2010), Marca An-ga (2012), Alvorada da Lua (2014), Nau dos Corvos (2016), and Nau dos Corvos – Lado B (2017). The album tours reached multiple countries, including Spain, France,

Italy, Germany, Lithuania, and, obviously, Portugal. 

Albaluna reveal an intense concert, where the band’s own creativity and unending energy are the only existing limits. The performances may vary between an acoustic and intimate version, suitable for theatres and concert halls; and an otherwise electric show, appropriate for folk, rock, or generalist music festivals. 

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